Chepstow House School


At Chepstow House School we encourage parents to participate in all areas of school life. Many come and share their talents, skills and cultural experiences.

Mr and Mrs Wattenberg came in to tell the Year children about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah!  With the children learnt about the importance of lighting the Menorah and how the Greeks were tricked into learning about the Jewish faith when playing the Dreidel game.   The children all received a Dreidel and a chocolate coin as a treat.

Mrs Briggs came in to read the Year 1 children the story of the Nativity. As they had been rehearsing for their carol concert, Mrs Briggs helped them to understand that they were singing about the birth of the baby Jesus.  Mrs Briggs was extremely kind and loaned the children her nativity scene.


                                                                                                              Ms Wells joined us to teach a yoga lesson to the Woodpecker and Kingfisher classes. Ms Wells was an excellent teacher and the children really enjoyed learning some new poses.                                                                          


Year 1 enjoyed a wonderful talk from Mrs Ramesh on the story of Diwali.We learnt about characters that showed great courage, strength, loyalty and friendship when faced with trouble. The children were excited to learn about the Hindu festival and the message behind it. We’d like to say a big thank you to Mrs Ramesh.





Reception and Year 2 would like to say a big thnk you to Mrs Dupuy. Mrs Dupuy came into school to teach the children some basketball skills. The children had fantastic fun ‘shooting hoops’ - which got very competitive between the teams. It was a great opportunity for the children to learn the rules of a new ball game as well as brush up on some of the skills they have been learning in their own Sport lessons. A great time was had by all!!!


 Mrs Haim came to visit the Swallows and Swans to celebrate the Jewish New Year which is called Rosh Hashanah.   The Swans were treated to a delicious treat of apples dipped in honey to wish for a sweet new year.   The children learnt about the shofar which is a type of horn that is played to celebrate the New Year.   Mrs Haim explained that the pomegranate is a very special fruit as it has lots of seeds in it which symbolises many good deeds that you should do during the new year.  Both classes all agreed that they would do lots of good deeds including tidying the classrooms, working hard and being kind to each other.    The children all learnt to say “Shanah Tovah” to Mrs Haim which means  to wish them a ‘Happy New Year’. 



Chepstow House were very lucky to welcome Mr Blain to our Tuesday assembly. In his younger days, Mr Blain used to be a gymnast in the English Gymnastic Squad. He shared with us how his gymnastic talent was spotted and developed, and the work involved in training and competing at that level. He also talked us through some videos of amazing gymnastic routines, as well as bravely demonstrating a handstand! We were all very impressed. A big thank you to Mr Blain for his inspiring assembly and athletic demonstration.


Mr Bourbonnais came to the School assembly to talk about his involvement in the London Olympics.  We were very excited to learn all about the other events that will be on in London at the time of the Olympics. There will be huge screens in Hyde Park and Victoria Park showing the events, as well as bands playing and family entertainment. Everyone was very excited to have the special opportunity to touch the Olympic torch that Mr Bourbonnais carried as part of the relay to light the torch for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. He also posed for us with our Olympic torch, made by Miss Hutchinson and the art club as an entry to the Flame Follower competition.  

We had a special guest at our assembly, as Mrs. Morgan brought her cello in to play. The children were fascinated by the instrument and the range of sounds that it could make. They all listened carefully and were asked to think hard about which bird was being represented by the piece of music that was played.  Thank you Mrs. Morgan for sharing your talents with us.