Chepstow House School


Chepstow House School uniform is supplied by Pery Uniform online.

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Boys Winter Uniform                Girls Winter Uniform   Sport/Art Wear
Long Sleeved White Shirt   White Peter Pan Collared Shirt   School Crested Fleece
Grey Cord Shorts (Rec - Yr3)   School Tartan Pinafore   School Crested Sport Shirts
Long Grey Cords (Yr4 up)   Red Cardigan   Tracksuit Jacket
Red Sleeveless Slipover   Grey Tights   Black Shorts/Skort
School Tie   Black Shoes   Black Tracksuit Bottoms
Long School Socks       Sport Socks
Black shoes        
Winter Coat   Winter Coat   School Art Overall
School Cap   School Beret    
School Black Fleece Scarf   School Red Fleece Scarf    
School Fleece Hat (optional)   School Wool Hat (optional)    
Boys Summer Uniform   Girls Summer Uniform   School Bags
Short Sleeved White Shirt   Striped Summer Dress   Backpack with School Crest
Red Sleeveless Slipover   Red Cardigan   Book bag with School Crest
Short School Socks   Short White Socks   School Swimming Bag
Black Shoes   Black Shoes   Sports Bag (Yr3 up)
Grey Cord Shorts (Rec - Yr3)        
Long Grey Cords (Yr4 up)        
School Tie        
School Blazer   School Blazer    
School Cap   Summer Boater (Rec - Yr3)