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Life at Chepstow

 Summer Term 2016

 The last day of school - Prize Giving


 The last day of the academic school year has finally come and with it, our annual prize giving ceremony. Mrs Barr opened the ceremony with an induction speech. She started with a story about a pair of shoes that she really wanted but they didn't have in the shop anymore... Confused glances were exchanged between the children before realising that Mrs Barr was using her story to make a point; that though a particular pair of shoes might not be what you had in mind, they may well turn out to be your favourite pair. The underlying message being; don't give up! Persevere!

 This message is especially important as children bid farewell to old classes and teachers and welcome new ones. This might seem scary and daunting but with time, it could well be your favourite class!

Many awards were handed out to each year group throughout the morning. For each year group, there were the following awards to be won; Overall Achievement, Great Progress Made, Consistent Effort, Consideration and Kindness as well as an Art and a Music award.


                  Reception                                         Year 1                                            Year 2


                 Year 3                                                Year 4                                   Showing an award!

 Every year, on top of year group awards and cups, four special cups are handed out to children who have gone above and beyond. These are the Sparrows and Robins Cup, the Hedayat Science Cup, the Sutherland Sports Cup and the 2014 Chepstow Cup. This year, these have been awarded to Jago Kakembo, Aleksa Djakovic, Kate Mruphy and Charlie Briggs. As well as these cups, a special certificate was presented to Mrs Briggs for being the best FCH chair! Without her determination and hard work, it would have been very difficult to reach our charity target this year. She has worked relentlessly over the past 4 years to make Chepstow what it is and to ensure that there is always a good relationship between the school and the parents.


 Congratulations to all of the children for another successful year at Chepstow! We wish you all a wonderful summer filled with sun, fun and relaxation!

 Summer Fun Day!

 After hiding all term, the sun finally came out for Chepstow on the last Friendship Fun Day of the academic school year. A special lunch of BBQ hot dogs and burgers were provided by our new chef John and a late morning of fun summer activities had the children getting ready for the summer holidays!







 Year 3 & 4 Summer Production

 After an entire year of very hard work by the side of Mr O'Connor, the year 3 & 4 children put on their summer production on Tuesday night of ' There are Monsters'. Adapted from Lewis Carroll's poem 'The Jabberwocky', the children wrote their play with Mr O'Connor about a monster who terrorises a village - but is he really as scary as the story suggests?

 With original songs and no microphones, the children gave an incredible performance for their parents to end the school year on a high note and showcasing how far they have come with on stage confidence and dramatic abilities!










 Sports Day

  Our first ever sports day at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre was held on Wednesday June 29th. All children and staff from Chepstow took a bus to north London to take part in a fun day of sporting competitions at this incredible indoor stadium!



Classes competed against each other throughout the day showing off all of the effort and hard work which they have been putting into their PE lessons this term. Long jump, hurdles, high jump, relay races and more wowed parents as they watched their children all day.







The end of the day saw the Year 3 and 4 children split into their Houses as they participated in track events with a fun staff/student relay race topping off the day! Trophies were handed out after the points were tallied up with a child from each year 3 & 4 class winning a trophy. A tense moment was shared before Mr Wilkinson announced the House which had won the afternoon events... A big congratulations to Blenheim House for winning Chepstow House's first ever Sports Day Cup!






 Track & Field Competition Winners


                    Javelin                                            Discus                                         Shot Put


                  High Jump                                      Long Jump                                   Triple Jump


                 60m race                                          80m race                                     200m race


                   400m race                                     600m race                                      600m race


                  Shot put, High jump & 600m race            Blenheim House wins the Sports Day Cup!

 Final charity assembly

 On Tuesday June 28th, Mrs Templeton gave our final school charity assembly. We remembered all of the fun events which we had participated in throughout the school year of 2015-2016 in order to raise money for the St Marys More Smiles Appeal. Present at the assembly were many guests of honour; the representatives from St Marys as well as all of the parents who form the Friends of Chepstow House!

 The cheque was presented to St Mary's at the end of the assembly - for which they were very thankful and impressed by our hard work as well as our fund raising achievement!


 This impressive amount was also noted by the "Get West London" newspaper who wrote an article congratulating Chepstow on its feat! To read the article, clink on the link below:


St Mary's Hospital Visit

 On Tuesday June 21st a select committee of Year 3 & 4 children were chosen to represent Chepstow House School on a guided visit of the PICU unit at St Mary's Hospital. Throughout the school year the children of Chepstow, along with the very hard work of the Friends of Chepstow House School, have been raising money for a new and improved family room at the hospital.


 Every year, St Mary's admits 400 children in need of intensive care to their PICU. Though this is an incredible number of children, many are turned away as there aren't enough beds or facilities to care for them or their families. With the money raised by Chepstow, as well as other fund raising events, St Mary's hope to be able to update their facilities in order to offer better care to children their loved ones.


While the children were on their tour, a fortunate encounter with Dr Parviz Habibi allowed for an impromptu Q & A session in the corridors of St Mary's. Dr Parviz Habibi realised the need for an intensive care unit for children over 20 years ago when he started it at St Mary's in 1992 with only 1 bed, 1 doctor and 1 nurse. Since then, he has raised funds and campaigned with perseverance in order to continuously provide very sick children with the help they need to get better.


On August 26th, Dr Habibi will be swimming the English Channel (and back!) to raise even more money for his PICU unit. You can read about his story by clicking on the link below!  

 We learned many things on our visit and we will be going back in a year to see the results of all of our hard work. One of the most interesting facts we learnt today was that no matter where you are, you cannot escape going to school! In the hospital we walked into the classroom where some teachers were on their break.. We learnt that children go to school and learn all that which their friends do in school so that they don't feel left out and don't have too much to catch up on when they leave.

Father's Day

 Over the course of the week, Chepstow House was invaded by fathers as they came in droves to celebrate their day with their children! Different events took place on different mornings with Year 4 playing a match with their fathers before inviting them in for tea and coffee. The rest of the school held their annual breakfasts - enjoying quality time with fathers before sending them off to work! 






New Head for the day

  Ms Nefeli Bollinger took over all duties from Mrs Barr on Tuesday at Chepstow! As the headmistress, Ms Bollinger greeted children at the door and took the school assembly - making sure to sign awards as well and later on in the day being on lunch duty. Children were on their best behaviour for our new head who was firm yet kind throughout the day!


Running for St Mary's!

Mimi Adams, Year 4 Tawny Owls, ran her first race over half term in order to raise money for our charity, the St Mary's More Smiles Appeal. Running a mile and getting people to sponsor her were just some aspects of what Mimi had to do in order to compete.


Find out more about Mimi and her race in the next issue of the Chepstow Chaser - on sale before the end of term. Congratulations Mimi!

Health Week May 23rd - May 27th

Day 5 - Friendship Fun Day

 The fifth and final day of Health Week saw it bring different sports stars to Chepstow House! Children were barely recognisable as Federers, Ennis', Bolts and more shook Mrs Barr's hand at the school gates. One of the most popular sports stars chosen by many of the girls was our very own Ms Whitbread!


 Our catering company, Brookwoods, came in to give us an assembly on the food we eat everyday which they provide us with. Throughout the week, Chef Damian had set up a tasting table in the dining room where everyone tried fruits and vegetables during the week; purple carrots, raw broccoli, nectarines, dragon fruit and a whole array more exposed the children to different tastes.


 After assembly, the Frienship Fun Day began and children got into their houses for a morning filled with different health related activities; dodge ball, healthy art, 'move your body' disco and juiceology were all part of the madness before Chepstow closed for half term.


Wishing everyone a Healthy half term!

Day 4

 Iuean from 'Dan the Skipping Man' came and spent the whole day at Chepstow showing us the different ways in which a rope can be used to skip - the most impressive way being "The Pretzel"; a tricky antic which involves twisting and then hopping on one leg!

 An energetic day was had by all which ended with a skipping show where children who had excelled during the day were able to show their impressive skills!



Our day began on Thursday with a fascinating assembly given by Mrs Giusti (Aiden & Sienna's mom). She told us all about her professional running days when she was younger and would compete for her home country of The Netherlands.  


Mrs Giusti began running as a professional later on in life. Though she had always enjoyed sports, she only began training professionally once an American coach had seen her run during  a Netball game when she was 22 years old. She went to America to study and train and while there she qualified for the National Championships and became an All American Athlete!

She brought in lots things from her running days to show us too; her different types of running shoes, a scrap book filled with articles on her, her race numbers as well as loads and loads of medals! She also told us how hard it is to train professionally - she would train 12 times a week and would only rest on Sunday. This requires a very specific diet and lots of hard work and dedication. Even when she injured herself and had to take a year off to recuperate; she worked even harder to come back and win races!

Aiden has now also began to run in races and has participated in 3 of them! Will Aiden become a professional like his mother? We will have to wait and see...



                                                              Thank you Mrs Giusti!

Day 3

 In the late morning, the Year 4's learned the age old sport of boxing, courtesy of Box Clever Sports... Entering through a garage, the boxing gym offered the children their first taste of what boxers do in order to begin their training and stay in shape! Jaime made sure that all children went through the rounds of burpees, push ups, "the mountain climber"; all just an exhausting first glimpse of what it takes.




The gloves then came on and games took off! Jabs, upper-cuts, crosses, hooks as well as proper body positioning were taught in great haste as the children learned these new moves. Great fun was had by all and the children left with sore muscles but very happy faces!

 To find out more about Box Clever, visit their website:


To celebrate the middle of our Health Week, Mr Ceric (Farrah & Raif's father) came to give an assembly on his passion: Handball!


Mr Ceric grew up in Bosnia where he played football before falling in love with Handball. When he was 7, he began playing and loved that it gave him discipline, teamwork, stamina and skill. He also had a great coach which helped him as well.

He now plays for Olimpia and is lucky number 7! His club and his team have won the National League a number of times as well as the Cup. This has been thanks to all of the hard work and efforts which each dedicated team member puts into training. 3 times a week, Mr Ceric trains until 11pm. He told us that this gives him a lot of energy and that he feels more energy at 11pm after a training session than if he just went home!

Eating a balanced diet and making sure that he takes good care of himself ensures that Mr Ceric stays in great form so that he can continue training. As of yet, Raif and Farrah have not yet started playing handball but Mr Ceric will start bringing them to matches and teaching them soon!


                                                 Thank you Mr Ceric for coming to see us!

Day 2

  The second day of Health Week began with Reception children in for a real treat! Healthy food delivery company Potage, sent two of their loveliest ladies (Sophie & Alexia) to teach us how to make a deliciously healthy guacamole - an easy recipe which can be repeated at home. A fun "guess the vegetable" game as well as an important presentation on what we can do to make sure we always eat healthily for a long life!





    For more delicious Potage Pots, visit their website: and you can order some healthy treats for yourself too!

Day 1 

 Let the games begin! Chepstow's first ever Health Week took off Monday morning and to get everyone ready and in the mood, children participated in an Inter House Sports Day! Ladbroke, Blenheim, Lancaster and Portobello all competed against each other in different fun activities to see who would win the shield. The race was tight but in the end, Lancaster came out victorious and collected the shield in the end of day Sports Assembly. Well done Lancaster!

 Mr Wilkinson shared with the children the important messages which Sports can instil in us. With the Olympics & the Paralympics happening over the summer, their different values and ethos are ones which will be used during our own Health Week; Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Determination, Courage, Equality and Inspiration.


 Keep checking in on "Life at Chepstow" for continuous updates and coverage of our Health Week madness!


Year 1 Production

The Year 1 children performed for their parents the fantastical tale of a wolf who is looking for a new story to belong to. Tired of huffing and puffing down houses, the wolf decides that he will visit all the fairy tales to see which one would suit him best!

 From Goldilocks & the 3 Bears, to Cinderella and the 3 Billy Goats Gruff, the wolf tries his best to take his place amongst these new tales only to realise, there's no place like home!




  The first Chepstow Harvest!

 On Friday May 6th, the children at school were able reap the rewards of the planting they did back in February with their first harvest of radishes!

 A huge thank to Mrs Von Saher for all of her tender love and care and guidance in helping us to take good care of our garden.



Junior Travel Ambassadors

  Margot Gwyer and Zoya Haider, from Year 4, will be on the gate for kiss and drop duty every Friday morning. As Travel Ambassadors, they set the example and remind children and parents alike of road safety, kiss and drop and community living rules.


Look out for them and their fliers when you come to school on Fridays!

 Robin Pizza Party!

The Robin class enjoyed a Pizza Party Afternoon for having won the Chepstow House Readathon challenge of which class raised the most money in 2016.

 Delicious hot and gooey pizzas were ordered in for their lunch and devoured before the Robins made their own Ice Cream Sundaes for their dessert!






    Congratulations Robins!


The First Day Back...

Welcome back to school! The first day of the Summer Term started off with a bang when we found out in assembly on Tuesday morning that all of the children at Chepstow House School raised a grand total of £22,346.52 from the Readathon last term! This has been the school's most successful Readathon to date. A huge thank you and congratulations to everyone for participating and raising this money which will go towards our charity, the St Mary's More Smiles Appeal.


 Mrs Barr opened the Top Secret envelope with the name of the winning class as a whole school waited with baited breath to find out just who had won. The race was very close but the winners were.....

  The Robins! The lucky class will get their special prize of ordering in their own lunch and having an afternoon of leisure - well earned!



Spring Term 2016 

Easter Fun Day!

The end of the Spring term was marked with our Easter Fun Day! A day filled with chocolate nests, discos, music lessons and general madness! Crazy hairstyles and Easter Bonnets were shown off as the children enjoyed their last day before their holidays. A happy Easter to all!








Year 2 Production

 Parents were in for a real treat on Wednesday night for the Year 2 Production of Hansel and Gretel. Months of practise and hard work have being going into rehearsals for the children to get their songs and words just right for the night!

 Owls, witches,talking trees, woodland animals, evil step mothers, magical birds, the moon and many Hansel and Gretel's came to the stage to delight with a hilarious twist on a classic tale! Mr Pegden composed and wrote all of the songs and their lyrics - including eating too many sweets and burping! 






Year 3 & 4 Swimming Gala

Thursday March 17th saw the years 3 & 4 take part in their first ever inter-house swimming competition! Ladbroke, Lancaster, Blenheim and Portobello competed against each other in the pool in order to see who would be the house to win the most races and points and come out victorious.

Crowds of parents and teachers came to watch and cheer the children on and though the races were tight, Ladbroke won their first inter-house event. Congratulations to Ladbroke and thank you to Mr Wilkinson and Ms Whitbred for putting together our first swimming gala.








                                            Congratulations to Ladbroke!          



Easter Music Assembly

 On Wednesday morning, our usual singing assembly was replaced by Chepstow House School's first ever Easter Music Assembly! Children (and some parents) were sung in by the choir as they took their seats to watch various children showcase their musical talents.

 Musicians took their place centre stage in front of their audience (some for the very first time) to share with everyone their love and joy of music, as well as all of the hard work which they clearly put into their practise.

 A great big congratulations to all of the children for their courage and a big thank you for Mr Pegden for putting it all together for us!






 Mothers Day Tea


 Mummies were cordially invited on Thursday and Friday to Chepstow house to celebrate a day named for them - Mothers day! Halls and classrooms were decorated and mothers came ready to be taken care of for an afternoon of tea and treats - a small thank you on behalf of their children for all of the work that they do!





Chepstow House School exhibits at Waterstones


 Chepstow House is proud to take part in Waterstones annual window display at their Notting Hill Gate branch. Every year, Waterstones invites local schools to showcase their love of books and reading by setting up a display in their main window.

Children choose their favourite books to write about and share with the whole world! A huge thank you to Ms Fossett for making the display as beautiful and creative as always. The display will be shown until the end of March.




Friendship Fun Day - Pyjama Day!

 Roll out of bed and come to school! The children of Chepstow began their half term on the right foot by coming to school in their best sleepwear to enjoy a morning of activities. Sleepyheads came into school and took part in a morning of fun, all to raise money for our charity, the St Mary's More Smiles Appeal! A grand total of £1,130 was raised on this Fun Day - a big thank you to all!





Getting the Garden ready for Spring

The children of Chepstow House School took the morning off on Tuesday to help Mrs Von Saher get our garden ready for the Spring! Planting, sieving, raking and great care has gone into preparing the flower beds for their new arrivals come warmer weather.

We are all very excited to see when our radishes, tomatoes and others will start popping out of the soil. A huge thank you to Mrs Von Saher for spending all morning in the cold weather getting our garden to look beautiful!





The Chepstow Chaser goes on sale!

The first ever edition of the "Chepstow Chaser" went on sale on Tuesday morning at the school gate. Mr Wilkinson and Ms Whitbread stood at their stall selling editions for £1 to promote all of the sports endeavours within Chepstow!

Information about upcoming matches and fixtures, previous results, polls on popular sports, images of children enjoying all of their sports lessons as well as inspiring stories from athletes across the world (Including our very own Mr Wilkinson!) can be read about.

Issues will continue to be sold throughout the week on the school gate.




Chepstow Chore Challenge Week

The Year 3 and Year 4 children opted to participate in a different fund raising event than the Toy Sale this year by taking part in our first ever Chepstow Chore Challenge! Children offered their services at home and at school for a small sponsorship fee for the entire week of January 25th until January 29th. At the end of the week, envelopes were handed into their class teachers and a whopping £358 was raised for our charity, the St. Mary's More Smiles appeal. As a special treat, popcorn was called in and the children had the morning off to watch a movie in the hall, all together. Well done Year 3 & 4 for all of your hard work!



 Chepstow House School Toy Sale

The beginning of a new school term kicked off with our annual Toy Sale in aid of our charity, the St. Mary's More Smiles appeal. Toys in new condition were donated to the school and children were then able to purchase toys to their hearts content on Wednesday morning. The sale was not only for the children as teachers also participated in raising money for our charity by purchasing toys - Thank you to the school council for organising such a fun morning for Nursery, Reception, Year1 and Year 2 classes!



Autumn Term 2015 

Christmas Fun Day!


The end of the Autumn term arrived at Chepstow and with it an early celebration of Christmas. Uniforms were discarded as children came to school dressed in their Christmas best and most festive!


Christmas discos, crafts and activities ensued as everyone merrily partook of the last Fun Day of 2015.






Year 1 Christmas Decoration Sale

The Year 1 Pelicans, Puffins and Penguins set up stall on Thursday December 10th to sell their wares at the school gate. On the menu for the morning, Christmas tree decorations that the children handmade with love and care in order to raise money for our charity, the St Mary's 'More Smiles' appeal.

Over £300 were raised in one single morning - thank you to the Year 1 children for all of their hard work and support of our charity!



Carol Concerts


 The children of Chepstow helped celebrate the festive season and the end of term with two nights of carol singing! Mr Pegden, our new music teacher, pulled out all of the stops to deliver a series of concerts both unique and very different to each other.

The first concert, performed by the Year 1 & 2 children on December 8th, saw them showcase their talents in a more traditional carol concert setting. Yuletide favourites such as "Little Donkey" and "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer" rang out in the main school hall and got everyone into the spirit of the season.


The Woodpecker class sang "We three kings" with not one, not two, but THREE solos from their class. Milly, Max and Coco held their own as they sang for their audience without missing a beat. The Kingfishers had a real treat for all by playing "Jingle Bells" on their recorders - they had been rehearsing for weeks, making sure to get the song just right!

For an original and groovy twist, some jamming was incorporated into the concert provided by Mr Pegden and Mr Greenwood! Saxophone and piano rocked out to "Santa Clause is coming to town" and "Merry Christmas Everyone", wowing the audience and getting everyone stomping to the beat!


Wednesday December 9th saw the Year 3 & 4 children take their turn centre stage with a very different take on Christmas.

Caribbean themed and traditional Canadian Huron carols took the spot light as the children learned about Christmas traditions from different parts of the world. Many solos were also the focal point of the night with Tatiana Du Cann singing " Walking in the air", Kirin Bhatnagar playing "Jingle Bells" on his violin and Jai Sarkar on the piano with "Away in a Manger".


A final send off of everyone singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" ended the evening with children, parents (and teachers!)  looking forward to the holidays and Mrs Barr stating that the children had performed their best Christmas Carol Concert to date!



Year 2 Dance Showcase


The final showcase at Chepstow House for this year was lead by the Year 2's on Friday December 4th. Woodpeckers, Swallows and Kingfishers donned multi-coloured costumes and performed a piece about a library scene to the song "People".

 Since before the October half term, the different classes have been working alongside their choreographers, Ms. Whitbread and Mr Wilkinson, to perfect their routines and learn their new, complicated moves and everyone's hard work has paid off!

Family members and loved ones watched in amazement as the Year 2's took the main hall by storm with their inspiring dance moves.

The final piece was a mix of Year 3 & 4 girls who belong to the Dance club. They performed a wild and feral rendition of "The Lion King" with an incredible show stopping moment when Chloe Evans was lifted into the air by all of the other dancers!


Reception Nativity 2015

This year's play, "Wondering On", was performed by some of the youngest and newest members of the Chepstow House community. The hallways of the school have been ringing with their voices, practising their songs and rehearsing their lines since October!

A Beautiful nativity set took us back in time to a dark and starry night. Under the watchful gaze of angels and animals, a miracle takes place when a special child is born unto Mary and Joseph.

With original acting skills and beautiful voices, the Reception children pulled off their first public performance with style and all who came to watch were amazed! Thank you to all of the parents who came to support their children on their performance days and a big congratulations to all of the children for their first play at Chepstow.


                          Wrens and Sparrows                                            Robins and Starlings


Year 1 Dance Showcase


The Puffins, Pelicans and Penguins all donned different costumes to perform in their first ever dance showcases! Mothers and fathers, siblings, grand parents and admiring fans all gathered in the main hall to watch as the lights were dimmed and the dancers took centre stage. Since before the October half term, the different classes have been working alongside their choreographers, Ms. Whitbread and Mr Wilkinson, to perfect their routines and learn their new, complicated moves.

Each class performed to the song "Home"  by the Piano Guys, with each adding their own personal touch, style and levels of enthusiasm to each performance!

The final piece was a mix of Year 3 & 4 girls who belong to the Dance club. They performed a wild and feral rendition of "The Lion King" with an incredible show stopping moment when Chloe Evans was lifted into the air by all of the other dancers!


Reindeer and Snowmen and Pies, Oh my!


Chepstow House School and Little Chepstow Nursery were all abuzz with excitement Tuesday morning as the official countdown to the end of term and the Christmas holidays began!

Christmas trees were set up and decorated all across the school and festive themes were spotted in classrooms and communal areas... Children were excited to see the return of the Christmas Post box which will run until December 11th. Christmas elves will deliver cards and letters every morning to children and teachers around the school that have been popped into the post the night before.

Christmas tree decorations are now greatly appreciated to adorn the branches of our evergeens. For a donation of £1, children can make tree decorations and enter the Christmas Bauble Competition. All proceeds will go to our St Mary's 'More Smiles' appeal. May the merry madness begin!



Year 3 & 4 Dance Showcase


The Years 3 & 4 performed their first ever dance showcases on Monday November 30th to a crowd of mothers and fathers, siblings, grand parents and admiring fans! Since before the October half term, the different classes have been working alongside their choreographers, Ms. Whitbread and Mr Wilkinson, to perfect their routines and learn their new,complicated moves!

Costumes were worn and nerves beaten as the children showed off their talents and rhythm to their appreciative audiences. The Year 3's performed different versions of the smash hit "Foot loose" and they all gave Kevin Bacon a run for his money!

Next up were the Year 4's with both classes performing different pieces. The Tawny Owls performed a piece about a library scene to the song "People" while the Barn Owls performed an ode to football; the soundtrack of which was the instrumental version of "Titanium".

The final piece was a mix of Year 3 & 4 girls who belong to the Dance club. They performed a wild and feral rendition of "The Lion King" with an incredible show stopping moment when Chloe Evans was lifted into the air by all of the other dancers!



Alpha Plus Art Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery


It was very exciting to see our Chepstow House artists on Saturday November 28th at the opening of the Alpha Plus Art Exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery. Many children from Chepstow House were chosen to exhibit their work alongside other children from the Alpha Plus Group. Erin McConnon in Year 1, Lea Dupuy in Year 2, Ruby Wattenberg in Year 3, Sophia WInterton in Year 3 and Bianca Vaghi in Year 4 were all finalists who were exhibited!

A big thank you to all students and parents from the school who came along to support us - it was great to see you there! Julian Drinkall, Alpha Plus CEO, commented on the wonderful high standard of the art. The exhibition is open to the public and will run for another 10 days. If you have time, please go a see what our students have been up to!


DS Comics publishes special edition comic for charity

DS Comics, the brainchild of Ruby, Oliver, Ava, Ed, Teddy and Jameson (Year 3, Woodlarks), has published its first ever special edition comic book in order to raise funds for our charity, the St Mary's More Smiles Appeal. The budding authors and illustrators came up with the idea back in October.

Ava: It all started on the 8th of October when we decided that we wanted to start making comic books. We came up with a name for our team, 'DS Comics'. The 'DS' stands for 'Drawback Squad'.

Ruby: At first we thought that we would only sell old fashioned 'Game Busters' comics. We then expanded and started drawing 'Minecraft' comics but after a while, it got a bit boring. Then Jameson came up with our first colour edition, 'Haribo'.

Jameson: The 'Haribo' comic is about a monster who runs into a lot of trouble! This edition was a lot of fun to make as it was a new direction for 'DS Comics'.

Ed: We are very proud of our work and we are always going to donate money. We priced our comic books at £1/£2 and promise to carry on making our comics with the hope of selling more in the future.

Teddy: On November 26th we sold our comics at my Thanksgiving party. At first, we did not make any money but we did not give up! Then, someone bought one of our comics for £5 - we were very excited!

Oliver: We raised a total of £64 in one evening! All of our proceeds will go to the St Mary's More Smiles Appeal which we are very proud to support!

Lookout for a DS Comic at a newsagents near you and support Chepstow House School as it raises funds for St Mary's! A big thank you to the team at DS Comics for their support to this worthwhile cause.


Dinosaur Day!

Ferocious dinosaurs invaded the Reception classrooms on November 27th as children came dressed as T-Rex's, Stegosauruses and more! They stomped up and down the hallways, roaring their loudest and scaring the rest of the children at Chepstow House School! The Reception teachers were also missing in action as tall, lanky dinosaurs seemed to take their place... Chef Damian had to scramble to keep them happy with a menu fit for the fussiest of dinosaurs; rocks, chicken legs and lots of leaves were added to the menu in haste to make sure that none of the other children or staff were eaten up! A great day was had by all.



Road Safety Week

November 23rd saw the kick off of Road Safety Week at Chepstow. This week we will be even more mindful of Road Safety rules and making sure that we adhere to the laws of the road! Monday saw a special day filled with scooter training for children as they showed their turning skills as well as their ability to break quickly when needed!


Thank you to Cycle Training for coming and spending the day with us - teaching us how to be more responsible on the road and looking out for danger!


Year 4 Philanthropist sets up shop at Chepstow!

The children of Chepstow House School were very pleasantly surprised during pick up time when Maya Haim, (Year 4, Barn Owl) set up a cupcake sale in aid of our charity, St Mary's More Smiles Appeal. As children were being collected from school at the end of another exciting day, they were greeted by the delicious smells of enticing cupcakes waiting to be purchased.

We were fortunate enough be granted an exclusive interview with Maya where we caught up with her about her PICU initiative.

Interviewer: Thank you for taking the time to meet with us Maya - your cupcakes were absolutely delicious! When did you decide that you wanted to sell cupcakes for charity?

Maya: My mother and I decided on Sunday that we wanted to do something extra for our charity, the St Mary's More Smiles Appeal.

I: Why did you decide that you wanted to do this?

M: We thought that it was a fun idea as well as a very good chance to reach our target for St Mary's. I want to do as much as I can to help reach our ultimate goal of £100,000 - every little bit helps!

I: How long did it take you to make them?

M: It took us 4 hours to make all of our cupcakes and another additional hour to make our healthier option of fruit skewers. We spent all of our Sunday making them to ensure that they were fresh and ready for Monday morning. We used elaborate decorations such as gummy sweets and different coloured icing to make sure there was something for everyone!

I: Your sale proved to be a great success - I hear you sold out quite quickly?

M: We did! We sold out in an hour and I was able to raise £124 pounds for St Marys!

I: Wow, that is truly amazing! How do you feel?

M: I feel very proud of myself and happy because I have helped Chepstow House School get that much closer to reaching its goal.

I: Thank you Maya - for your time and all of your efforts in helping Chepstow House raise money for the More Smiles Appeal




RBKC Road Safety Calendar Competition

Chepstow House School is proud to announce that Liana (Year 4) and Deniz (Reception) are the winners of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea's annual Road Safety Calendar Competition!

Both Liana and Deniz will meet with the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea in January at Kensington Town Hall for a special ceremony where they will see their posters published in the RBKC's calendar. The importance of this calendar for the Borough has been apparent over the years. "I am proud to say that the child casualty rate in Kensington and Chelsea is the lowest in London. I am confident this calendar helps to enforce this vital message" Cllr Mrs Frazer, Chairman of the Public Transport and Road Safety Advisory group.

Congratulations Liana and Deniz!


 Friendship Fun Day - You Rock, Doc!

 Friday October 16th saw all "Chepstonians" leave their school uniforms at home and don medical uniforms to take part in our "You Rock, Doc" Fun Day! A massive effort was made by all children and what an incredible morning we all had! Medical Madness took over at 108A Lancaster Road... The perfect send off before half term!









Chepstow House celebrates the opening of its Garden!


    On Monday September 28th, Chepstow House and Little Chepstow celebrated the official launch of our garden! The sun was with us as the whole school gathered to watch Mrs. Barr unveil all of the hard work which went into creating our new green patch.
A very special thank you go out to Alison and Sarah from The Food Explorers and the Friends of Chepstow House School for working very hard in making this dream come true. The children are very excited to start their gardening and to grow plants and vegetables which they can bring from soil to the kitchen!