Chepstow House School

Road Safety Week 2014

At Chepstow House School, we ask children to think about the different environmentally friendly ways they can travel to and from school.  We encourage children to walk, scoot and cycle if possible.  This year Road Safety Week took place the week beginning Monday 17th November.  It was a fantastic opportunity for children to learn more about Road Safety and how they can be responsible when out and about on our roads and footpaths.  We were pleased to welcome back Rupert Gardner and the RBKC Road Safety team.  Throughout the week Reception classes took part in pedestrian training, Years 1 & 2 children undertook scooter training and Year 3 took part in our first ever cycle training.  It was a very worthwhile week and we want to see children using their new skills when travelling to and from school.  There will be further training opportunities for all children throughout the school year.

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