Chepstow House School


More Smiles Appeal

Chepstow House School is very proud to support St Mary's More Smiles Appeal as their charity this year. We are aiming to raise £100,000 to provide a Parents Room at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington so that families of children in their intensive care unit have a place to go and rest while their child is in the hospitcal.

The children’s intensive care unit, or PICU, was started in 1992 and cares for critically ill children predominantly from London and the Home Counties, though some children can come from as far away as Birmingham. The last development of the unit took place in 1996.

  • St Mary’s is the only hospital in West London with a children’s intensive care unit, Children’s A&E Department and major trauma centre, meaning children can be admitted directly rather than being referred from elsewhere.
  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Charity are investing £8 million to expand and refurbish the unit but, to make it truly world class, St. Mary's require an additional £2 million pounds to cover areas the NHS is unable to fund. It is as part of this £2 million that our money will be used when making the new Parents Room.

Timescales for the More Smile Appeal

  • Work starts in September 2015 and is due for completion in Autumn 2017.
  • Redevelopment will be in two phases to allow service to continue to operate.
  • Phase I - relocation of the Paediatric Research Unit and new beds built in it.
  • Phase II – refurbishment and renovation of existing unit.