Chepstow House School

Auditory and Verbal UK

The Chepstow House charity for the academic year 2011 – 2012 was Auditory Verbal UK. They are an organisation who work with severely and profoundly deaf children to help give them equal opportunities among their peers. We started the Autumn term with a visit from representatives from the charity who presented a very engaging and interactive assembly to the children. The school, in conjunction with FCH, then ran a number of special days and mufti days to raise money for Auditory Verbal UK over the year.  

Auditory Verbal was chosen as our charity as we had a boy in our school who was profoundly deaf in both ears and had been since birth.  Auditory Verbal UK were key in his acquisition of spoken language. This very specific approach to speech, combined with the use of his cochlear implants, meant that the child acquired age appropriate spoken language by the age of 4 and allowing him to be able to fully participate in mainstream school life.

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Year 1 Bake Sale 

FCH Summer Fair