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Visitors to the School


Summer Term 2016

 Rob Biddulph


 On Wednesday June 22nd, Chepstow House had the honour of receiving celebrated children's author, Rob Biddulph to school. Rob gave a special assembly where he shared his life story and how he came to write and draw books for children. Rob started at a very young age when he won a school competition at the age of 5 for best picture. The prize for the competition was a biro and Rob kept it for many years. He told us that this biro is what gave him the encouragement to keep on drawing.

  After this first taste, Rob decided that he was going to make up his own stories and illustrate them based on the famous "Br'er Rabbit" series by Enid Blyton. He decided that his versions would be better and got started by writing and drawing these at the age of 6!

As Rob got older, he realised his real passion for writing and drawing and decided to go to art college to follow his dream. Once there however, he saw that his professors were not very supportive of his choice and once he left college, he worked with magazines for years; happy but not fulfilling his lifelong dream.

It was only once he had his own children that Rob thought that he could do it; that he could be happy making his own children's books. He started drawing everything he could; animals, pirates, children, spacemen, dinosaurs, monsters, dragons and put them all into a portfolio to show different publishers. One publisher loved the drawing of a tiny penguin in Rob's collection. He asked Rob if he could write (and draw) a story based on that character. Rob went away and worked very hard on writing his first book. He wrote a story about a penguin called Blue and his adventures on a windy day... The book was published and the rest is history!

Now releasing his 3rd book, about a sausage dog who doesn't quite fit in, Rob had some advice for the children of Chepstow: " Be determined, work hard and never let anybody tell you who you are".

Thank you for coming to see us Rob and we will look out for your third book which comes out in August of 2016!


Spring Term 2016

 Guthrie Fenton

 The children of Chepstow were treated to a Tuesday afternoon of an awe-inspiring adventure tale by Guthrie Fenton, Mrs Steven's cousin!

 Guthrie decided with 3 other friends to cycle South America from Patagonia to Colombia! In order to do this, they had to plan their journey, pack all the equipment they would need and set off on what would be the trip of a lifetime!

 The trip took 6 months to complete. Along the way the men experienced all sorts of set backs; rough winds, dismal weather, high altitudes, broken bikes, exhaustion, dehydration and long, arduous daily bike rides. But they also found that people were kind, offering food and shelter, help with broken equipment and even an encouraging word or two!

 To find out more about their adventure and all of the money they raised for their charity, click on the link:




  Mr Maguire

Our first visitor to the school this year saw Mr Maguire come and share his passion for ice hockey with us! Bringing in all of the equipment needed to be a serious ice hockey fan, Mr Maguire showed us the rigorous training needed in order to become a hockey player. Gruelling sessions six times a week combined with many hours spent skating outside in freezing temperatures would not deter him from playing as much as he does. Not only does Mr Maguire have this passion, but it is something which the entire family enjoys training and playing together for hours on end!

Thomas (Year 1 Penguins) was able to show the school how to use a puck successfully and how he has mastered the art of dribbling with a hockey stick - making it look a lot easier than we suspect it actually is. His favourite place to train he says is outside with lots of snow around a rink so that if he or his brother fall, they can fall into fluffy snow!


                 Thank you to the Maguire family for sharing their passion with us!

Autumn Term 2015

Santa comes to town!


Santa took time out from his very busy toy making schedule to come and visit the children at Chepstow House School! Seated comfortably in his grotto, children from all classes were able to sit with him and ask him as many questions as they liked!

Not only were we lucky to have him come and see us, but presents were also handed it as it turns out that all the children had made it onto the "Nice" list!

Helper elves made sure that Santa was comfortable throughout his morning visit and that he lacked for nothing. After a morning with us, Santa was on his way back to the North Pole in time to make sure that all will be ready for Christmas - Thank you Santa for coming to see us! Happy Holidays



The Rugby Portobello Trust



On Tuesday November 24th a very special assembly was held at Chepstow House School. Since its beginning, Chepstow has supported the Rugby Portobello Trust and their annual Show Box Appeal and this year was no exception.

Every year, the RPT launch an appeal to give some of the thousands of children they help a very happy Christmas morning. Shoe boxes are filled with toys and necessities for boys and girls of varying ages in order to ensure that they will not be forgotten at this very special time of year.

A cause which is very close to the hearts of the children at Chepstow House, shoe boxes poured in, brightly wrapped and filled to their brims! Riley from the RPT came in to speak to us about how important our shoe boxes are and who they will be going to  - he even promised to send us some pictures of the children opening them!

We know that Christmas is a time for giving presents and the children talked about how it made them feel when they received presents; "Happy!", "Joyful!", "Excited!". But equally as important was the feeling that they get when they give a present; "Happy because the person receiving it is excited to see what is inside", "Delighted!", "Good because of the happiness the other person will feel".

We are happy to continue our support to this very special cause and thank Mrs Cairncross, Riley and Mrs Templeton for working so hard in making sure that the children of the RPT keep receiving their presents on Christmas morning.


Mr Davison

 Mr Davison, father to Jaeden and Ocean, came to speak to us about his adventures in swimming, triathlon competition and cycling! From being the Scottish National Junior Swim Champion in the 400m free in 1992, Canadian National Triathlon Champion in 1996 to Suburu Waikham Cycling 4 day stage race overall winner in 1999 (as well as countless achievements in between), Mr Davison had some great advice on how to work towards becoming an athlete!

The four most important things Mr Davison told us he did in order to become an athlete were to:

1) Set goals

2) Do the best you can today

3) Success is the result of hard work

4) Never give up!

Mr Davison shared with us his amazing journey to becoming an athlete. We knew it was hard work becoming one but Mr Davison told us about his schedule and it really impressed us! He would wake up at 5am and swim for two hours before coming home and having a huge breakfast! Then go to school until 3pm and afterwards he would sit down and do his homework before spending an hour at the gym doing sit ups and lifting weights. Another two hours of swimming would then take place! Two dinners were needed to make him feel like he had eaten enough!

This schedule is one he kept for eight years before he started becoming a champion and winning lots of medals and trophies!


One of the stories which really showed how important it is to never give up was a cycling race that Mr Davison took part in. It was a race which took place over many days and for most of the days, he was in the lead! Then one day, the chain on his bike broke and he fell off of it. He was going really really fast and because of this, his helmet cracked and there was no way to fix his bicycle. Having worked so hard for this race, he borrowed a bicycle from someone else (which was much too small for him) and managed to complete the race and become the overall winner!

 Thank you for sharing your stories with us!


Dr Lloyd and Dr Gurdeep


We were very lucky to have not one, but TWO actual doctors come and spend their morning with us on Friday October 16th for our Friendship Fun Day! Dr Lloyd (on the left) and Dr Gurdeep (on the right) took time out of their day from St Mary's Hospital to come and play with us at school! We learned all sorts of interesting fun facts about doctors and the world in which they live. We also had bandaging races and learned how to put on bandages like professionals. The children had a wonderful day! Here are some direct quotes from them!

“Dr Lloyd was a happy doctor.  I think he would be really ‘on it’ in an emergency.  He told us about the different thermometers which can tell you how hot you are and showed us how to use a stethoscope.”  Tatiana, Year 4

“Dr Gurdeep was really fun because she let us bandage our arms and faces.  She told us about the different types of doctors .”   Lachy, Year 3

“Dr Lloyd was very nice.  He let us wrap up his leg in bandages and he showed us a special water and sugar drink for babies. I think he will be a cool doctor.”  Oliver, Year 3

“I liked the story that Dr Gurdeep told us. She said that when she was younger she wanted to be a vet but changed her mind when she was older as she wanted to help children. Dr Gurdeep taught us how to use a bandage and I bandaged my friends hand.” Scarlett, Year 3


 The Salvation Army


Tuesday October 6th saw us celebrate the Harvest festival and the Year 1 Puffins gave a superb assembly on the importance of the Harvest. We learned all about where our different foods come from and we were told the story of the Little Red Hen. She worked hard all year long to make bread but her friends did not help her. When the time came to eat the bread, the Little Red Hen felt guilty eating it on her own knowing that her friends were hungry so she shared it with them anyway.

Paul from the Salvation Army also came in and told us where all of our donations will be going to. All of us brought in many donations which we hope will help all of those in our local community with the collaboration of Paul and all the others at The Salvation Army!

 Rob Kettlewell


  Our first assembly back this year saw us welcome Rob Kettlewell to Chepstow! Rob took time out from his very busy schedule to come and talk to us about the world of film producing! He told us many interesting and exciting facts about what it is like to work in the film industry and some of the stars he has met! Thank you Rob for coming to see us!


 Previous visitors to Chepstow House School:

Since opening its doors, Chepstow House has been host to many interesting and welcome visitors, some of whom have been valued and familiar regulars while others made unique but memorable appearances.

To learn more about who has come to visit us, click on the links below to find out!