Chepstow House School



Over the years, Chepstow House School has been very proud to support many worthy and worthwhile causes. Each charity is chosen by the children for a year. Throughout that year, different fund raising events take place within the school as well as outside of the school. These would not be made possible witout the help and hard work of the Friends of Chepstow House School who work tirelessly to help us reach our charitable goals.

Previous years have seen Chepstow House School support the following charities: 


    2014-2015                     2014-2013                        2012-2013                   2011-2012





 As well as our chosen charity for the year we also support many national charities and events.


The children are, and have been, introduced to the charities in order for them to understand why we are supporting them. This has also given an opportunity for the children to discuss differences in how children in other parts of the world live as well as those around the corner to them in their own neighbourhoods.